Sustainable environmental and energy engineering solutions for diverse complex resource-, environmentally and climate protective tasks in occupational or communal practice are well solvable with best-practice technologies, but usually is no off-the-peg clothing. All network partners committed to the goal of a global energy revolution in favor of renewable energy and make for years and decades, their contribution to this. The future of energy industry is and remains embedded in systemic solutions with all the other environmental challenges of nature, soil, water and pollution control so that process technology and plant engineering solutions reducing emissions, waste water treatment, the waste recycling, etc. are just in focus of our scientists, engineers, technicians and mechanics.

The network companies have joined their various core competencies, to develop best possible economic and technological solutions in very high quality for our national and international customers in project specific consortia. This, in the best sense of the word 'Made in Germany'.

For CINGS sustainable development means:

  • support economic growth of the customer
  • to promote equitable participation in economic development through regional value chains
  • the careful use of natural resources in the regions and their conservation for future generations
  • to respect own social standards for the people in the companies